Coffee Table Style Photo Book

Coffee Table Style Photo Book

Starts at $99 for 12 pages/24 sides

Every photo book is completely custom designed to reflect each client’s personal preference and style. We guarantee the highest quality in every aspect of your photo book, from construction to packaging. This is our unconditional promise to you.


The Coffee Table Photo Book is a slimmer profile and includes durable PVC pages printed on Professional Archival Kodak Paper that will not fade, scratch, or tear.  The Coffee Table option is available in a variety of sizes to make every photo book unique.  Each book is hand stitched in-house by Slav Zinger before being elegantly packaged and sent to its destination.  This book makes the perfect bespoke gift for any occasion.


Material Options (For Hardcover Books): 


Our Leatherette photo books are made using 75% genuine leather and have every appearance of an elegant leather binding.  Leatherette is a great economic alternative to using a full leather binding and comes in a variety of standard and premium colors.


This photo book is also available with a hardcover photo cover for a completely personalized book.


Note: You will be able to upload your photos to our website following checkout.  Thank you for choosing LEUXO.


About Coffee Table Photo Books

Coffee table photo books are perfect for showing off your special events and treasured moments. Because coffee tables normally are placed in a living room or sitting room, guests and family will be able to look through them quickly and conveniently.

Coffee tables were first designed in the Victorian Era by the British. During the Ottoman Empire, coffee tables were built to sit very low to the ground and used to hold drinks, food, or display items. In the 1930s coffee tables made their way into modern American living rooms and were favored because they were low enough not to block the television.

As time moves forward we begin to use coffee tables to display keepsakes, books, and of course, photo albums.

Our coffee table photo books are designed to your specifications. We can make them fun, elegant, or just plain. We use only the highest quality leather and materials sourced from local vendors.

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