Preparation for a wedding is stressful but very exciting. There are many time-sensitive decisions to be made and down payments to make. This includes your venue and the vendors who will be a part of your wedding day. You will want to look back at your wedding albums and be happy with your choices.


The most important vendor at your wedding is the photographer. While your relative or friend may have a professional grade camera, you should let them enjoy your wedding by hiring a professional wedding photographer. The right photographer will make your day unforgettable on all your coffee tables. Here are some tips to find the perfect wedding photographer for your wedding:


1. Immediately Start the Search


Once you have gotten engaged, you should start looking for your wedding photographer. For most wedding photographers, they book at least a year in advance. This means that you need to hire the photographer as soon as you set the date for your wedding. Use Google, Thumbtack, or even Flickr to start your search. Type in YOUR CITY NAME + WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER


2. Network


Depending on your area, there could weddings photographers who have extremely good reviews. However, this does not mean that the wedding photographer is right for your wedding. You can start by asking friends who have gotten married in the last few years. Ask to look through their wedding albums, and about how the photographer was.


3. Narrow down The Options


When you have a list of the photographers, you should take an in-depth look at the services that each one offers. This is a quick way to eliminate the photographers who do not have the services that you want or would not be a good fit for your wedding.

Wedding Photography

4. Conduct Interviews


Once you have narrowed down the number of photographers to around four, you should make appointments with each of the photographers to interview them. Most wedding photographers will have a few sample wedding albums for show. You should take the time to look through at least one album from start to finish. The wedding albums should be show pictures of the whole wedding. These wedding albums should contain recent work.  If they do not, then you should ask about seeing photographs from their recent work.


5. Professionalism


Not all photographers are created equal. If you want great photos for your wedding albums, you need to pick a professional photographer who acts professional. The interview is a good indication about how professional a photographer acts. Reviews can tell you how the photographer behaves at a wedding or shot.  

There are many wedding photographers available, which makes it hard to find the right one for your wedding. Having beautiful wedding photos makes creating your custom wedding albums easy for both you and your family.

6. Samples


Any professional wedding photographer should have a website with his or her work from past weddings. Look at the framing, colors, composition, and quality of each photograph. Are there things in the edges of the photos that have been cut off? That’s a sign of a bad eye for framing, says Slav Zinger- a professional wedding photographer for over 25 years. It’s also good to see what kind of weddings they have shot, For instance if you are having a small outdoor wedding in a park, see if they have shot similar weddings so you can get an idea for their style.

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